I am very interested in genealogy. My son George Alan and I have traced most of the branches of my family, Kundermann, and that of my husband, Speckert. We have enjoyed writing all this up in interesting ways for family members and other interested people.

Other interests include photography as related to recording oral history, travel, flower close-ups and such. My son Glen has helped me to incorporate the use of computers into these interests, including editing videos and using my scanner to transfer images to computer uses.

I am a 3rd generation member of the Ethical Society of St. Louis.

My husband, George, was an elementary school teacher in St. Louis county, Mo. for about 30 years. In 1976-77 he was a Fullbright Exchange Teacher to Canterbury, England, taking me with him and also Wendy, our daughter, who was a college sophomore. Other strong interests for him were classical ballet and square dancing, gardening, and horsemanship.

My three sons are George, Glen and Greg.

My daughter is Gwendolyn Louise, or "Wendy".

My German grandchildren are Antonia and Marielynn.

Gene. K. Speckert passed away on January 7, 2002